Trip planing

1. How should I pack?

You will be most comfortable in our campers if you pack your belongings in a soft (duffel style) bag.  There is plenty of storage in the campers for soft or small luggage.

For extras are avalible roof boxes and roof bars.

We can also store large suitcases during the trip in our office.

2. How many days do I need for the ultimate camper trip in Slovenia?

If you like to do the trip around slovenia you will need 7days or more. We suggest to take 10days, as every part of Slovenia is unique and beautiful, so you will always fill as in paradise.

In 10 days you have also time to take day trip to our neighbours. Charming Croatian coast, romantic Italy, sharf Austria or flat Hungary.

3. What can I plan for 3-5 day trip?

If you only have 3 days we recommend Ljubljana with Bled and Bohinj.  More days like five you should go to the Soca river region.

4. Where can I park and camp?

In Slovenia, it is prohibited to camping outside of campsites. Especially be careful in the national parks and around most touristic places. That is why we strongly recommend, to stay at the campgrounds.

But there is also exclusion in law which allows you to take a rest if you are too tired for driving. This is always a good excuse. In general, if you will not be loud and standing out you will not have a problem.

5. Are there any special hazards?

Please check all driving rules before start driving and safe travel instructions. Allways take care for your belongings and documents. Do not leave it in the camper.

6. What is the fuel price and road taxes?

Fuel price is constantly changing and it is different on every gas station. It is always cheaper outside motorways. All campers have vignettes so there are no additional road taxes for public roads. If you will travel to Austria through Karavanke tunnel there is an additional tax.


7. What does the insurance covers?

  • Book, payment and cancelation
  • What is the minimum/maximum rental period?
  • Minimum rental period is 3 days.

8. Are there any cleaning fee?

Basic cleaning fee is included in price. We will take care for dirt.

If you have pet you will have to pay additional 50eur. If you will be really messy and chemical cleaning will be needed you will have to pay additional 50eur – will be taken from insurance.

9. What is cancelation policy?

We belive that you don’t want cancel trip with us, but we will understand that sometimes you have to. For sure if your hamster will die.

  • If you cancel 10days or more before your pick up date, we will charge you 10%.
  • If you cancel 10days to 5 days before your pick up date, we will charge you 50%.
  • If you cancel 5days to 0 days before your pick up date, we will charge you 90%.

In all cases you will get gift cart

Locations, pick up, border crossing

10. Where is pick up?

Free pick up is on Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport, Ljubljana Rail station or Ljubljana Bus station. We will deliver van to you.

11. Is possible pick up on any other location?

Yes, we can pick you up anywhere else in Slovenia for an additional 100eur, or in Venice, Trieste, Klagenfurt, or Zagreb for an additional 200eur. If you have any additional wishes, just contact us by email. We are like supermans.

12. Is border crossing allowed?

Border crossing is allowed, but assistance will cover expenses for road distance up to 1000km from Ljubljana. Than is on you.


13. What is needed?

You need valid driving license.

P.S. You can drive a camper on a standard driving license!

There is no selected car class in current office. Please choose another Class!