Our Campers

Our Buksl campers are the perfect solution to travel on budget around Slovenia.

You will choose us as for that price we are offering more than any other camper van rental in Slovenia. All what you need is in price.

Our campers are designed by specialists and selected by professionals – this is not true, but sounds good.

If you didn’t sleep before in the car, you will be suprised how spacious and comfy it is. We bet that you will wan’t to take our camper back home with you. For good price everything is possible:D

With our Buksl camper you can stop and relax everywhere – in the city, nature, vineyard,… Just don’t drive it to the water – they are not waterproof.

We will surprise by our campers once you are here.

Save yourself some time by scheduling service right here. After you submit the form, we’ll be in touch to confirm your service appointment. It doesn’t get much easier than that.



Our travellers are crazy with camera. Thank you very much!
That is why we created InstaBuksl Challenge

Simple as our campers.
Just upload photo (with our camper or logo visible) to your social media with hastag #bukslcampers and win free 5day rent.
More sexy – more chanches to win!


Different travelers – different adventure.
Check our trip suggestions. 
Be careful! Not all things on map are true!
Stay green.
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